4 Times You May Need An Estate Liquidator

There are multiple instances in which you may choose to liquidate an estate. However, it can be difficult to find buyers for your items, such as collectibles, furniture and jewelry, without the help of an estate liquidator. Often, to help ensure that a liquidation can be performed quickly, a liquidator will sell the estate pieces in an auction, which not only helps expose the estate items to a large number of buyers, but it also helps ensure that you receive the highest price for the estate. Here are a few life circumstances in which you may need the help of an estate liquidator:

Moving to a Smaller Home

When you move from a large home to a smaller residence, you may choose to sell large pieces of furnishings or excess collectibles. Smaller apartments or condos may not have room for some of your possessions. By liquidating them, you can keep the value of your pieces without having to maintain them in your living space. In addition, you won’t have to be concerned about monthly storage fees.

The Death of Loved One

Ten thousand Americans reached the age of 65 today. As people progress in age, their likelihood of dying increases. When a person dies, he or she may leave behind quite a few possessions, and even if he or she leaves a will, his or her loved ones may find it difficult to distribute the items fairly. By liquidating the estate, family members of a deceased person may find it easier to give beneficiaries an equal share of the possessions. 

Debt Repayment

If you are going through a financial crisis and have a large amount of debt, you may not know where to turn for money to pay your creditors. However, you may still have valuable items that could be sold for cash. Estate liquidators, like Peachtree & Bennett, can sell portions of your estate so that you have the available financial resources you need.

Distributing a Divorce Settlement

When a couple divorces, they may have to divide the assets that they have accumulated during their marriage. This process is not always amiable, and it is sometimes best to just liquidate the assets and divide the money. 

If you need to sell items for money, estate liquidators can make the task easier. Contact estate liquidators in your area to discuss the items you would like to sell and the desired time frame for the transactions.

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Three Keys For Renting Construction Equipment

Whether you are simply looking to save some money on your bottom line or are looking to get your hands on some gently used equipment at a lower cost, you will want to seek heavy construction equipment rentals as an option. Whether you look into Bobcat rentals or any other name brand, there are a variety of tips that will help you to get the best from this endeavor. With that in mind, follow this guide and use it to help your business and any construction projects you may have. 

#1: Understand The Core Elements For Renting Construction Equipment

Any time you look to rent some construction equipment, you will need to consider some core elements, such as how to make reservations, when to put down a security deposit and how to take care of the equipment throughout the course of the rental. In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to place a reservation — many companies will even let you secure the rental via the net. You will book the equipment rental with a down payment known as the security deposit, which will be a certain percentage of the overall rental balance. Further, make sure that you find out whether you or the rental company will be responsible for maintenance. 

#2: Ask Your Construction Equipment Rental Company The Right Questions

There are some key questions that you will need to answer about your construction equipment in order to make sure that you can get your hands on the best equipment. For instance, you can ask about the maintenance schedule for the equipment, so that each part is properly lubricated and swapped out if needed. You should get a copy of the rates up front and ask if there are any additional charges that you need to be made aware of. Verify these sorts of factors and get them in writing prior to signing a rental contract. 

#3: Back Your Rental With Insurance And Extras

Things can happen that are out of your control, so if you want to be in good hands during the course of your rental, opt for an additional insurance policy that will suit you. Double down on safety by acquiring hard hats, eyewear and other safety gear in addition to seeking training opportunities for your crews. Keep warnings and safety information prevalent to avoid mistakes and to be a good steward of your equipment rental. 

Follow these three tips and use them as you get the best equipment rental. 

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Shipping Products? 3 Tips For Cutting Down On Waste

If you ship your products to your customers or to the companies that put your products on the shelves, you probably want to cut down on waste as much as possible. There is a big recycling issue in this country, and if you aren’t careful, you could contribute to a lot of waste without even meaning to. A lot of shipping boxes and materials are highly wasteful, but following a few helpful tips can help you in cutting down on the waste as much as possible.  

1. Use the Smallest Box Possible

If you have ever received an item in the mail that was packaged in a huge box, you know how much of a waste it can be. Instead of packaging your items in huge boxes, opt for a custom packaging company that will put your items in the smallest box possible. Even if you have to pay to have custom boxes made, it’s generally well worth it so that you don’t have your items packaged in an oversized box that wastes materials. Along with helping you cut down on waste, packaging your items in smaller boxes is also smart because it helps keep your products as safe as possible when they are being shipped.

2. Minimize Packaging Materials

You may want to stuff your boxes with packing peanuts and bubble wrap, and it’s understandable that you want to keep your products safe and sound during the tough transporting process. However, you shouldn’t stuff your boxes with any more packaging materials than you have to. Keep the use of packaging materials to a minimum; as long as your items are well-wrapped, having too much excess in the box isn’t going to make much of a difference anyway, but it will result in a lot of extra waste.

3. Choose Materials That are Made from Recyclable Materials

Go ahead and spend the extra money on recyclable boxes and other shipping materials that are made from recycled items and that can be recycled when you are finished with them. Even though these packaging materials can cost a little bit more money, they are often well worth it because you don’t have to worry as much about contributing to waste.

It is so important to consider how eco-friendly your shipping options are when you are shipping products nowadays. If you follow these three tips, you can cut down on waste while still shipping your products in an efficient and safe manner.

For further assistance, contact a local outlet, such as Commonwealth Inc.

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The Benefits Of Working With Employment Services

Looking for work in today’s modern world can be stressful, especially if you have been traveling from one place to another filling out paper applications. Today, the world operates using the internet for everything from shopping to playing games. Applying for employment is no different and landing a job can be tough if you are unsure about what companies are hiring and which online services you can count on for being trustworthy. If you have filled out many online applications and you never hear back from any of companies you applied at, check out how an employment agency can help you can find a job you love fast.

Employment Agencies Can Work For You

If you spend time and money going from one company to another looking for a job that fits you best, you could end up spending a great deal doing so. However, if you visit one reputable employment agency, you can fill out one application and by your set of skills, be matched with jobs in your area best suited to you. By signing up with one employment agency, you have higher chances of getting a job than if you spent time beating the streets and filling out numerous applications.

Many Employers Only Hire Through Employment Agencies

If you have been looking for a job, you may have learned how many employers do not hire their employees at their company, but instead do so through an employment agency. If you need a job fast, visiting an employment service is the best way to get one. Many major companies choose agencies because it saves them time and money screening employees. Employers also save a lot of money using employment agencies because new hires can work on a temporary basis through the agency while company managers learn whether or not that person is going to be suitable for a particular position. For this reason, do not assume because you go to work as a temporary employee that you will never become a permanent employee. However, if you do not become a permanent employee for a certain company, think about the work experience you could gain by working at several companies through an agency.

Employment Agencies Do Offer Benefits Like Health Insurance

Staffing agencies provide their employees with benefits packages that include health insurance and investment retirement plans. If you think because you work through an employment agency that you will not have insurance and other benefits, you may be surprised to learn what great benefit packages are available for you to choose from. Before signing on with an agency, taking the time to check out the kind of benefit packages they offer is a good idea.

Being out of work can be enough stress without adding the pressure of driving around all day, every day, in search of a job. Filling out numerous applications in one day can be a harrowing experience you do not have to go through. Check out the employment agencies (such as Kable Staffing) in your area and find out how fast you will return home with a job you look forward to doing every day.

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Tips For Using A Storage Unit In Your Real Estate Business

Running a successful real estate business out of your home office can end up as a storage nightmare. Signage, fliers, and other necessary tools of the trade can take over if you aren’t careful. A small storage unit can solve the problem while keeping your tools together in an easily accessible location. The following tips can help you make the most of a rented self-storage unit

Tip #1: Manage the Post Signs

The most useful sign in your arsenal is likely your main post signs. These signs are relatively awkward, since they typically consist of a single post and a dangling signboard. Keep these signs gathered together in a single location. Fill a heavy-duty storage tub with 6 inches of sand. Insert the posts into this sand for storage. The sand and tub combination serves two purposes – it weights the tub so it doesn’t fall over due to the top heavy posts, and it catches the bits of dirt that tends to stick to the stake-end of each post. The abrasiveness of the sand also helps clean off the worst of the dirt.

Tip #2: Put Together Open House Kits

Weekend mornings can be busy since you need to get your signage out and a home ready to show. Put together open house kits so you can quickly grab them from your storage unit and go. These kits should consist of open house signs, balloons and ribbon, coffee maker, disposable cups, napkins, and anything else that you can pack ahead for your open houses. Other helpful items include brochure display racks, a small broom and dustpan, pre-moistened cleaning wipes, and a couple of extra door mats in case the weather is rainy. Keep the kits stocked and inside a plastic tub. One with wheels is especially useful, since it is easier to transport.

Tip #3: Cut a Deal

A personal storage unit isn’t the only type of storage that can help your business. Chances are your client will need to clean up and store items when staging their home for sale. Talk with the facility owner or manager and see if you can get a deal on storage unit rentals. For example, the facility may be willing to give you a discount on your unit for advertising or recommending the storage facility to your clients. They may even offer group discounts so that your clients can also benefit from a lower rate.

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The Benefits Of Vehicle Wraps For Your Company’s Fleet

Vehicle wraps offer a great way to advertise your business. With bright colors and modern designs, these vinyl graphics help you to spread brand awareness for your company. Using vehicle wraps on your company’s fleet of cars or trucks can also offer some benefits you might not be aware of. Here are just some of the many benefits of using vehicle wraps for your business.

Effective Advertising

Your company needs to have fleet vehicles on the road every day to conduct business, and adding vehicle wraps helps you maximize the use of your cars or trucks by turning them into mobile advertisements. It is estimated that just one vehicle wrap can produce between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions, depending on the areas your fleet travels to. This means that your ads are being seen over and over every day, whether your vehicles are on the road, parked at a customer location or parked in your parking lot. You’ll be able to spread your brand’s image and name every day to new people and reinforce your brand with people who see your vehicles multiple times.

Protection For Your Fleet

Since vehicle wraps literally wrap around the exterior of your cars, they can prevent tiny scratches and scuffs that could lower the resale value of your fleet. Using wraps can help to keep each car or truck’s exterior looking great, making it easier to sell the old fleet when it is time to upgrade to new models. The wraps peel off easily whenever you are ready to remove them, so you won’t have to pay to have them professionally removed when you no longer need them.

Developing A Sense Of Trust

If your company offers in-home services, having a wrapped vehicle can make your customers feel more comfortable when your technicians arrive for a service call. Use your vehicle wraps as a way to build trust and put your customers at ease. When scheduling service calls, let your customers know to look for the brightly colored car or truck with your company logo on it. Your customers will be able to easily identify your technicians, so they will know that they are welcoming the right person into their home with each appointment.

Work with your vinyl graphics specialists to design a vehicle wrap that speaks to your customers and helps to create a positive look for your brand. Be sure to wrap each vehicle in your fleet so you can maximize the benefits of using this type of advertising for your business.

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A Unique Memorial For A Loved One

There are many ways that people have memorialized a loved one after cremation. Traditionally, a person’s cremated remains were either contained within an urn and displayed or scattered in an appropriate location during a memorial service. Some of these locations where ashes were scattered include mountain tops, deserts and at sea. There are other unique objects that can be made to contain a loved one’s cremated remains. Some of these objects include the following: 

  • Synthetic Diamonds – Companies that make synthetic diamonds can mix cremated remains into the pure carbon used to make these laboratory-grown gems. The carbon is then super heated and pressurized to form individual jewels. These jewels can be made in many colors and sizes and then faceted, polished and made into jewelry.  
  • Glass Beads or Paperweights – Companies who make glass can mix cremated remains into silica before it is formed under high heat and pressure into glass. The glass can then be used to make glass beads for jewelry or paperweights. This method can also be used when making sheets of stained glass before they are made into memorial plates or windows. 
  • Precious Metals – Companies that sell gold and silver can blend cremated remains into the molten metals before they are formed into bars to be made into jewelry. Jewelers can then cast these metals into unique pendants, bracelets, earrings, brooches or lockets.
  • Memorial Hourglasses – Companies who make hourglasses can use a loved one’s cremated remains instead of sand in the glass vial of the hourglass. The vial can then be inserted into a metal holder and displayed. 
  • Ceramics – Companies that create ceramics can mix cremated remains into raw clay and then use the clay to create a memorial statue that can be displayed or buried as desired. 
  • Personal Memorial Urns – Companies who make urns can convert a personal object into a memorial urn for cremated remains. These personal objects are completely sealed on the inside and outside to be leakproof and waterproof. Examples of personal objects that have been made into urns include a violin case, a prized football, and a pair of cowboy boots.  
  • Fireworks Displays – Companies who make fireworks can mix cremated remains into their pyrotechnic chemicals before they are assembled into fireworks. These fireworks can then be blasted into the sky to create a dazzling fireworks display at a memorial service. 
  • Weather Balloons – Cremated remains can be inserted into a weather balloon before it is released into the sky. Weather balloons may reach altitudes of 25 miles or more before atmospheric pressure causes the balloon to expand to such a degree that it disintegrates and the ashes are scattered. 

There are many ways that people have memorialized a loved one by turning their cremated remains to unique and personal objects. Some of these objects include clocks, birdbaths, wind chimes, motorcycle gas tanks and even sending them into out space. The possibilities are endless. You are truly only limited by your imagination. 

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