Don’t Sock It Away In The Sock Drawer: Tips For Storing Your Seasonal Clothing And Jewelry

Surveys show that home buyers value storage space. It is not abnormal to accumulate items throughout your lifetime, and finding room in your home to store these items can become increasingly difficult over time. If you have items that just won’t fit in your home storage space, but they are not things that you use on a daily basis, you might want to consider investing in a storage unit.

Here are some tips to help you safely stow away two commonly stored items in the future.

1. Seasonal Clothing

If you have a large collection of seasonal clothing, it might be beneficial to keep these items in a storage unit when they are not in use. Storing your seasonal clothes away from your home can be a great way to free up more storage space for items that you might use more frequently.

To ensure that your clothing stays pristine while in storage, try the following:

  • Use opaque bins. Direct exposure to light for an extended period of time could cause your seasonal clothing to fade. By stowing these items in an opaque, or non-clear, container, you prevent light from reaching your items while they are in storage.  
  • Stack your clothes loosely. If you plan to fold your clothing and stack the items in bins before storage, be sure that your stacks remain loose. Place heavier items, like wool sweaters or winter coats, on the bottom to prevent them from compressing lighter garments. This will keep your clothes free from unsightly fold lines when you remove the items from storage in the future.

2. Jewelry

Many home owners choose to keep expensive jewelry off-site to prevent theft in the event someone breaks into their home. If you have valuable jewelry that you don’t wear on a regular basis, then storing these items in a storage unit could be beneficial.

Be sure that you prepare your valuable jewelry items for proper storage by doing the following:

  • Ensure that the facility you choose is climate controlled. Fine jewelry should be stored at room temperature. If the storage facility is too cold, the metal could become brittle. Storage units that get too hot could cause delicate metal pieces to become soft and lose their shape. A climate controlled facility will ensure that your storage unit remains at room temperature year round.  
  • Store each item in a separate compartment. Placing fine jewelry in a single jewelry box compartment could be disastrous. Over time, the delicate chains could become entangled. This could result in chips or cracks, and could even cause the stones in your valuable jewelry pieces to come loose.

Storing seasonal clothing and valuable jewelry in a storage unit will help you free up storage space at home. Since these items aren’t used on a daily basis, they make perfect candidates for off-site storage. Ensuring that you pack and prepare these items properly will allow you to pull them out of storage looking as nice as the day they went in.

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Shapes & Colors: Optimize Your New Business Logo

Creating the right logo for your company is a very intricate process that a personal branding coach can help you with. Everything is important, including choosing the right shapes, edges and colors when creating your unique trademark. The following are helpful guidelines for your logo that will ultimately represent your business. 

Think About The Color

  1. Red: This is a very aggressive color that may heighten emotions. Red increases blood pressure and energy consumption, which is why some food-related business use red to make you feel hungry. Red is also associated with urgency, like a stop light or a red cross on a hospital. So consider red if your business is catering to an urgent matter, like a tax company or law firm.
  2. Blue: Blue is pleasing to the eye. Blue gives of feelings of serenity and acceptance. This is a great color for a business that is introducing a new concept or service. Blue is also good for a business that is seeking to gain trust, such as a financial institution. This color is also good for a business that deals with communication. 
  3. Orange: This color gives off enthusiasm and quality. Some suggest that this color is psychologically associated with warmth and the comfort of fire. Orange is a great color for a business that is trying to separate their services or items from the competition and surpass them as well.  

There are other colors and shades to consider, depending on what you want your logo to convey. You can talk to your brand coach about some of the colors you are considering, too. 

Choose the Right Shape

Consider the following for your logo, but keep in mind that simplicity is what matters when it comes to a logo. Simplicity makes it easier to remember. 

  1. Sharp edges: You might find it hard to believe, but people associate sharp edges with something masculine and dominate. This is simply because of the general shape of a man, which is usually square-like. Consider shapes like triangles, rectangles, squares and other similar shapes if you want your logo to show authority. Logos like this can also stand for integrity or order. 
  2. Curved edges: Curved edges, as you can imagine, are associated with feminine qualities. That means your logo will be associated with concepts like care or creativity. 

As you can see, creating a logo is a complex undertaking. Do not hesitate to talk to your brand coach for help and more specified suggestions regarding your logo. 

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Refurbished Printers: Finding Cartridges For Your Economical Purchase

Buying a refurbished printer is an economical way to save money. This is especially true if you don’t use a printer on a daily basis. Many consumers only use a home printer occasionally, such as to print out some information they want to share with someone else. Another common reason is to print a few book reports or term papers throughout the year, if one of the family members is in school.

What Does Refurbished Mean?

Refurbished simply means that the printer has been used for a period of time and then returned to the dealer for some reason.  This happens due to various factors, such as the printer not having all the bells and whistles that the consumer needs or something wrong with it. Once the printer is returned, if there is a broken part or something else is wrong with it, the manufacturer makes the repair, or replaces the part. Merchandise that is  simply returned because it didn’t meet the needs of the consumer goes through a testing process to ensure that it still meets the quality of standards of the manufacturer. These practices restore the printer to ‘like new’ condition.

Look Online for Reviews of Printers

Do your research before shopping for a refurbished printer. Look at online reviews that have details about how well the printer works, the clarity of the print and if the electronic often has problems, such as jamming. These reviews often state if it is difficult to find cartridges as well.

Buying a Refurbished Printer

Visit reputable dealers to compare a few refurbished printers before making the purchase. Ask if the cartridges that fit the printer are in stock. If they aren’t, the manager will often agree to purchase the cartridges for you in bulk. If the cartridges are difficult to find, a reputable business will state this fact and you can look for another piece of equipment.  Another way to ensure that you purchase a printer for which you can find cartridges is to ask a friend or neighbor who is adept at repairing computers and other electronics. This person should be able to advise you where to find cartridges for a particular printer, whether it is online or at a nearby electronics store. He or she can also advise you about the makes and models that aren’t likely to be obsolete before you get your money’s worth from the printer. Many businesses offer a limited warranty on the refurbished printers; ask if this is included in the sales price.

Midwest Laser Specialists Inc is a local company that offers refurbished printers.

Saving Money on the Cartridges

If the business agrees to special order the cartridges, buy enough to last two or three years if your budget allows. Typically, the price will be lower per cartridge if you do this. This will also save you money on shipping and downtime waiting on a spare cartridge to arrive in the mail.

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Carpet Tile Care Tips for Customer Waiting Areas

A carpeted customer waiting area is much more welcoming than hard flooring options. It’s also safer, since carpet doesn’t pose the same slipping hazard when it’s wet as tile or polished concrete. Carpet tiles provide a cost-effective way to add the warmth and safety of carpet, while still remaining as easy to care for as hard flooring. The following care requirements can keep your tiles looking good while preventing premature replacement.

Daily Debris Care

Customer waiting rooms see a lot of foot traffic, so the tiles will require twice daily vacuuming. This is no different than sweeping a hard floor multiple times a day. Fortunately, carpet doesn’t show tracked in dust and dirt as easily as a hard floor, so your flooring can still look good when you’re too busy to pull out a vacuum.

You can use a small and silent carpet sweeper on Berber carpet tiles, which have a short, tight pile. Save the loud motorized vacuum for after business hours so it doesn’t annoy your customers. If you need to minimize sweeping during business hours, use a large mat in front of the entry, both indoors and out, to trap most of the dirt before it can reach the flooring.

Stain Treatment

Any carpet for commercial use should be stain-resistant, although this won’t repel all stains. Blotting up most stains as soon as they occur works well, or you can use a carpet spot treatment for more stubborn spots. Set up a wet floor barrier around the stain after cleaning. Although wet carpet isn’t a slipping hazard, you don’t want people to walk on the wet spot and make a new stain somewhere else.

Regular deep cleaning, usually every three to six months depending on the amount of traffic in the room, helps prolong the life of the tiles and prevents bad staining. This requirement is no different than buffing and maintaining hard floors in a business. Select a cleaning company like Cloud Carpet One Floor & Home that does a wet extraction cleaning to ensure as much dirt and moisture is sucked from the carpet as possible. It’s best to clean the floor after closing time, so the tiles have all night to dry before you reopen.

Damage Patrol

The biggest benefit of carpet tiles over regular carpeting is that it’s less expensive to replace if there’s damage. You can simply replace the damaged or badly stained tile, instead of ripping out and purchasing new carpet for the entire floor.

Using tiles of multiple, complementary colors means you won’t have to worry about getting an exact color match if you need to replace a single tile. Another option is to buy extra tiles at the time of installation. Store these until you need them, ensuring you have an exact match when the time comes.

Although carpet tiles wear well and rarely suffer damage, do monitor them to make sure they are not pulling up or becoming wrinkled. A loose tile can trip an employee or customer, so catch it early and repair it quickly.

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3 Ways To Get The Best Use Out Of Barcode Scanning

If you own any type of business and want to upgrade the way that you organize, you owe it to yourself to use barcodes. Whether you run a standard office-based sales business, restaurant, non-profit or any other type of business, you can make the most of your inventory when you assign barcodes by using a high-quality scanner. With the wide availability of technology, you can find the best barcode scanner in your price range in order to become better organized and productive. 

So what should a person brand new to this technology know about it? Read on to find some guidelines that will be useful to you as you explore the use of barcode technology. 

#1: Using Barcode Technology Removes Human Error

If you do not yet use barcodes, chances are good that you use some form of manual entry. When entering information into a system, there is always the element of human error. However, if you upgrade to some form of barcode technology, you will be able to scan each and every item, with the full confidence that everything is entered correctly. This will prevent serious setbacks and losses of time that occur when data entry mistakes are made. 

While manual keyboard entry accounts for an error once out of every 10,000 characters entered, barcode scanning only experiences one error per 3 million characters entered. 

#2: Know The Different Types Of Barcode Scanners Available

The type of barcode scanner you use will depend largely upon preference. In today’s market, there are laser barcode scanners, LED scanners, and 2D imagers. Laser scanners are the type that most people use, due to their efficiency and very small learning curve. You can also choose between handheld scanners, pen scanners and desktop scanners, depending upon the needs of your business. 

#3: Purchase A Warranty On Your Barcode System

When you set your business up to use barcode scanning, you will be relying on it a lot for day-to-day operations and archiving. Because of this, you need to be sure that you can get your scanner fixed, or can receive a replacement as soon as something goes wrong with it. When you purchase a warranty, you won’t have to come out of pocket for this expenditure and can get this segment of your business back up and running in no time. 

Consider this information on the use of barcode systems and make sure that you use them for the betterment of your business. 

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Two Tips For Storing Your Boat This Winter

Riding in a boat is one of the most enjoyable ways of spending time on the open water, but there will come a time when every boat owner will need to place the boat into storage. Regardless of the reason you need to store your boat, placing it in storage is a more complex task than many people realize. If a boat is not properly prepared before being stored, it can result in major damage, but there are a couple of tips that can help you avoid common problems encountered while storing a boat. 

Prep The Engine For The Long Winter

Before you store the boat, the most important thing you can do is properly prep the engine. If the engine is stored with fluids and water in it, severe degradation can occur. As a result, the boat may not be functional when you take it out of storage without first undergoing expensive repairs. Fortunately, it is not particularly difficult to prepare a boat engine for storage. 

Firstly, you will need to remove any fluids from the engine. This includes both oil and lubricants because these substances can form clogs if left undisturbed for an extended period of time. Once you have removed any mechanical fluids from the engine, you will need to drain any water that has accumulated and allow it to thoroughly dry. When a boat is in the water, moisture can accumulate in compartments of the engine, but you can release this water by unlocking the drainage valve. 

Scrub The Hull Completely Clean

While the engine is one of the most expensive parts of a boat to have repaired, it is not the only portion that can encounter problems from improper storage. The hull of the boat can develop major problems if it is not thoroughly cleaned before storage. As time progress, algae, barnacles and other materials can start to weaken the hull of the boat. Eventually, this problem can lead to the development of a leak that will make the boat unsafe to operate. 

To prevent this type of damage, you should always thoroughly scrub the hull of the boat and wash it using a cleaner that is designed for and water on a boat’s hull. When scrubbing make sure to not leave any debris on the exterior of the boat, and allow it to dry in the warm sun before storing it. Drying the boat will help prevent algae and other growths from returning when the boat is in storage. 

Properly storing your boat at places like Home Port Self Storage is one of the most important parts of being a responsible boat owner, but many people that are new boat owners do not realize what this entails. By understanding the importance of preparing the engine and cleaning the hull of the boat, you can help ensure that it avoids some routine sources of damage. 

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Three Burning Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Storage Company

Just because you’re moving your things out of your home doesn’t mean they’re no longer important to you.  So, ask these questions to make sure you choose the best facility for your things.

Is Your Complex Secure?

Find out how the storage company intends to protect your things. Some storage companies offer a full range of security options. For example, you might need an access code to enter or leave the premises. Furthermore, your individual storage unit might be equipped with an alarm system. 

Other companies might give you a contract and wish you luck. Put companies that offer sound security practices on your short list. If you’re okay with simply placing a padlock on your unit, a contract might be all you need. But, if you want to make sure your things will be waiting for you when you visit, choose companies that offer security such as the following:

  • Lighted entrances
  • Security guards
  • Alarm systems
  • Coded entrances and exits

If the company is happy to share their safety record with you, you might be off to a good start.

Why Does The Contract Say Insurance is Mandatory?

Storage companies (such as Capitol City Mini Storage) are likely to remind you to get insurance for your things. This isn’t an admission that the storage unit is in an unsafe location. It just means they want you to take every precaution to protect your belongings.

Yes, storage companies usually have insurance to protect their buildings and assets, but if a natural disaster such as a fire or hurricane comes through and damages the stuff inside of your unit, you’re often your own.

Now, the storage company will likely offer you insurance for your things, but you’re not obligated to take this insurance. Check your homeowners’ or renters’ policy to see what coverage you have. If you need more coverage shop around and choose a policy that’ll give you peace of mind.

If you choose coverage with the storage company, check the maximum coverage limit. The rental or insurance policy will stipulate how much the insurer will cover. And, the storage company will likely ask you not to store valuables above this limit. You’ll need to sign an agreement that says your items are valued at or below this amount.

How Do You Keep Non-Paying Residents Out?

Talking about rats and rodents here. The last thing you need is to find that you’re paying to shelter Mrs. Rat and her family. So when you ask this question, look for the storage company representative to talk about the following topics:

  • Restrictions on food storage
  • Weatherproofing the facility
  • Shrubbery and vegetation maintenance

Discussion of these topics show that the storage company is consciously taking steps to keep out unwanted residents. Also, you might notice that there aren’t any dumpsters in sight. This is by design. Reputable storage facilities take sanitation seriously, so they encourage residents to dispose of their trash offsite.

You’ll likely have countless other questions, but answers to these questions will give you an idea if your things will be safe in their new home. Check out a reputable storage company today.

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