4 Things That Will Make Your Linkedin Profile Pop As A Writer

Between marketing your skills as a writer on social media and building your own website, you may think that a LinkedIn profile is just another networking site that you don’t really have time to mess with. However, LinkedIn could easily become your most highly valued tool to building strong connections with other authors in the business and those all-important business contacts that are in need of a writer’s services. The only thing about creating a LinkedIn profile is there are likely thousands more writers just like you who use the site specifically to advertise their expertise in the field. To make your LinkedIn writer profile pop so it does get noticed, there are a few things you should make sure you do.

1. Include a quality profile picture. – LinkedIn is not the average social media site; it is a site for professionals. Therefore, the picture you have on your profile should be professional, not just a cropped image of your head from a family photo or a selfie you took in front of the bathroom mirror. Go for a professional-type head shot that offers a clear image of your face. 

2. Link to your writer website. – LinkedIn is a good starting point for other professionals to find your services, but it does not have space to give a full, in-depth look at who you are as a writer. So make sure you link your writer website to your LinkedIn profile so people interested can dig further and see what you have to offer. 

3. Don’t leave out the small details. – Your location, special skills as a writer, past experience, and other pertinent pieces of information need to be included in your profile if you want it to get noticed the most. When people hire a professional writer, they like to know all of these small details because it will be reflective of your capabilities. For example, your location could show that you are familiar with local news and events if a newspaper editor is looking for someone to provide a community piece for a local paper. 

4. Pay attention to keywords. – You want to give informative information in your skills listing and previous experience, but don’t get too creative and forget to pay attention to the keywords used in your profile attributes. When someone searches for a particular type of written service provider, they will be using keywords to perform the search, so the more rich your profile page is in keywords relative to the industry, the more likely it will be you will be found.

For more information or assistance on improving your online presence, get in touch with companies like Resume to Interviews.

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Enticing Potential Buyers To Make A Bid On A Home For Sale

If you are trying to sell a home and you are unfortunately not receiving any offers from potential buyers, you may want to take a look at the house and its property in detail to see if there are any improvements you can make to have it seem more attractive. There are several ways a seller can make a home more appealing to those who come to take a look at its interior. Here are a few simple steps you can take to improve the atmosphere within the home in an attempt to grab a few offers for purchase as a result.

Use The Power Of Scent To Make The Home Inviting

The odor one smells when they walk into a home will be the first impression a potential buyer will have of what you are selling. This impression will often make an impact on whether they feel favorable about the home overall. If they are greeted with mustiness or dampness due to a home sitting without inhabitants, this could lead to their disapproval in the home. Instead of having someone feel uncertain about a home because of its odor, entice them to look around a bit more because there are desirable odors throughout instead. 

Bake some treats and make a pot of coffee to leave with the realtor showing the home so that potential guests not only have the complimentary gesture in food and drink to enjoy but also will have everyday scents greeting them when they walk into the door. Leave a scented candle in each bathroom or a basket of potpourri in bedrooms to liven the senses. Do not place too many scented items in one area, however, as this could be overpowering.

Add Some Appealing Furniture To Attract Buyers

If the home you are selling is unfurnished, consider renting some model home furniture to place inside so people visiting will have an idea of the space allotted in each room. This will also make the home appear lived in, helping those looking inside to visualize what their own home may look like once it is furnished.

Stick to one theme or era of furnishing when you rent pieces for the home. If you mix contemporary with rustic in the home, it will alter the flow of the home’s character. Even if potential buyers are not thrilled with the furnishing type you have selected, they will be better able to imagine what their own furnishings would look like in the home as they could simply swap out your pieces for their own style in their mind as they walk through the home. 

Stick With Neutral Color Schemes To Allow Buyers To Visualize Choices

If your home has bright-colored walls or carpeting, think about switching it out for blander choices instead. This will give potential buyers the ability to visualize what their own decorating style would look like within each room.

Stick with neutral shades as they will work well with almost any shade of furnishing a buyer would bring into the home. If there are flashy colors or textures present, people viewing the rooms may become distracted. The wrong interior wall and flooring selections will deter them from the home if they cannot see their own style working with the current appearance.

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Two Auto Insurance Tips

Driving a car can be a rather risky task for someone to do. In addition to the bodily risks associated with being in an auto accident, individuals can also find themselves liable for expensive damages and injuries. Auto insurance is designed to help you better manage these risks, but it can be easy for a person to be unsure of what is needed to get the most from their insurance policies. If this applies to you, the following couple of tips can help you to avoid some common oversights when it comes to your auto insurance policy.

Invest In Uninsured Motorist Coverage

For individuals with limited experience or knowledge about insurance, it can be difficult for them to know what types of coverages they might enjoy. For example, there are many people that assume that their insurance will protect them in the event that the other driver does not have insurance. However, this is rarely the case for standard liability policies. If you are wanting to ensure that you enjoy this protection, it will be necessary for you to invest in an uninsured motorist policy. These policies are usually sold separately, and adding this coverage may increase your monthly premium costs. However, this may be a small price to pay if you ever need to file this type of insurance claim.

Regularly Enroll In Defensive Driving Courses

The cost of an insurance policy can be a major concern, but it is important for you to be aware of the fact that there are many insurers that can provide their customers with discounts. In particular, it is common for these providers to issue these discounts for individuals that have undergone defensive driving training in the past year or two. The exact time frame will vary, and you will need to check with your insurance to see exactly how frequently you will need to attend the course to keep the discount active.

Your investment in an auto insurance policy is critical for ensuring that you are protected from many of the financial risks that can come with driving. For those that have are unsure of how to get the most from these policies, it is important to appreciate the benefits of being protected by uninsured motorist coverage a well as enrolling in defensive driving courses for premium discounts. By making sure to use these tips, you will be in a far better position for ensuring that you are getting the most from this driving expense. Contact a business, such as NFP, P & C, Inc., for more information. 

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About Renting A Self-Storage Unit & Keeping It Organized

Are you living in a cluttered house that is full of different things that you don’t want to get rid of because they are still being used? You might want to consider storing some of the items away from home, such as in a self-storage unit. As long as you keep the unit organized, you can easily grab what you need out of the storage unit when you need to. Discover a few tips in this article that will give you ideas for keeping your self-storage unit organized if you decide to rent one.

Make Sure the Self-Storage Unit is Large Enough

There are various sizes of self-storage units for you to choose from, and it is important to make sure you choose one that is large enough for your needs. However, you must thing about more than how well your belongings will fit inside of the storage unit. It is important for you to have extra space available for more than your belongings. Being that you will be taking items out of the storage unit to use, you need extra space so you can walk around inside of it easily. The extra space will also be useful if you decide to store away more of your belongings at a later time.

Invest in Stackable Storage Bins

Stackable storage bins are great for keeping a self-storage unit organized. The bins will give you the ability to get a lot of use out of the storage space and make it easy for you to access your belongs. For instance, although the bins will be stacked on top of each other, you will still be able to grab items out of them without moving them around to gain access. There are openings in the front of the bins that will give you easy access to your belongings. You might also want to place labels on each of the bins so you will know the exact one to look inside of when you need something.

Purchase a Clothing Rack

If you will be placing some of your clothes in the storage unit, you will be better off with buying a clothing rack than placing them in boxes or bins. A clothing rack will allow you to hang your clothes up in the storage unit, which will keep them organized and easy to access. Rent a self-storage unit and organize your belongings inside of it so you can get the space back in your home.

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3 Key Reasons To Take Up Jazz Dance

Jazz dance – which takes on many forms – is fun but requires high energy and strength to perform the dance moves. Jazz dance highlights individuality in that the dancer carries out the steps and moves the way he or she interprets them. But besides helping to develop your personal identity, jazz dance provides other benefits that offer positive outcomes for both your physical and mental health.

1. Boosts Fitness Level

  • Builds Muscle Strength. Jazz dance helps build muscle strength, particularly in the calf muscles and quads – the major muscle group on the front of your thighs. Jazz steps include running, sharp twists and turns, and high leaps in the air – movements that require strength and power, particularly in the leg muscles that support the body’s weight. The fast steps and light moves of the dance routines also help you achieve better balance.
  • Improves Flexibility. Since many of the moves require stretching, jazz dance improves range of motion for multiple muscle groups. Regular dancing practice and the warm-up stretching exercises beforehand also increase flexibility for better mobility of joints. Improved flexibility not only helps prevent injury from dance, but also prevents muscle and back injuries that everyday activities can cause.
  • Increases Endurance. Jazz dance is a form of exercise that builds endurance so that you can work your body’s muscles harder and longer before getting tired. The jazz style of dance requires energy to make the vigorous moves that increase stamina by raising your heart rate. Jazz dance also builds cardiovascular endurance, which makes your heart stronger and more efficient at pumping oxygenated blood throughout the body.

2. Improves Level of Concentration

Because the routines generally involve doing several different steps and turns, jazz dance requires self-discipline and memory. Dancers focus on their dance steps, constantly reminding themselves how to execute the dance movements they perform.

The elements of dance in general require supporting the body in a balanced position, concentrating on the move at hand, and then adding the successive movements that create the dance routine. Jazz routines also include sudden changes in pace and movement, which require paying close attention to the moves you make.

3. Encourages Creativity and Other Mental Health Benefits

The improvisation – making up a dance movement as you go along – that jazz dance requires inspires a dancer’s creativity and individuality. While the dance routines include basic steps, the added component of improvisation offers you the opportunity to learn to trust your own ideas and the motivations that drive them.

Performing jazz dance can help build your self-confidence and sense of well-being, as you increasingly develop the ability to express yourself. In addition, improvisation using your body and imagination encourages quick thinking, spontaneity, concentration, and abstract thinking. Contact a jazz dance studio like Debbie’s Dance Studio today if you’re interested.

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Three Types Of Insurance That Protect Your Business And Your Fleet

If you are just starting a business in trucking, delivery or construction, you may be wondering what types of insurance you need to protect your fledgling company. There are actually no less than three types of insurance that you will need. Here are descriptions of those three types, what they protect and why you need them.

Commercial Truck Insurance

Commercial truck insurance covers all of the trucks and vehicles you own. It covers damages to your trucks in the event that the trucks are involved in accidents, damaged in natural disasters, vandalized or stolen. Since some of these situations, like automotive accidents, may result in lawsuits, the commercial truck insurance may have addenda that can cover some of your legal costs.

Commercial Driver Insurance

Each of your drivers or vehicle operators will need insurance to cover them in the course of their employment. They need to carry private automobile insurance, but also commercial driver insurance. If you are going to provide the commercial driver insurance coverage, you can either pay for it directly through a pre-selected insurance carrier, or your drivers can get their own commercial driver’s insurance and you will have to reimburse them for it when they produce the receipts for their policies.

Business Insurance

Business insurance protects your entire company as a whole and your company’s assets. Once you have begun to profit, the business insurance also protects your profits. Should you invest or reinvest your profits in the business or in investment products with the intent to expand your company, then business insurance has some features that can protect these aspects of your business affairs too.

Why You Need These Types of Insurance

Starting a business is taking a huge calculated risk. You may be starting your company with just the seed money you gathered or with money given to you by investors who have a vested interest in the company (e.g., silent partners). If you are not covered by these three types of insurance, you could lose more than just a couple of trucks or construction machines. Without insurance, you leave yourself open to financial hardship you cannot rectify unless you have excess startup funds waiting in your business bank account, which many first-time entrepreneurs typically do not have. Lawsuits from accidents are always a threat, regardless of the newness of a company, and you do not want to be worrying about hiring legal counsel during your first year in operation. Contact a company, such as Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, for more information. 

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4 Times You May Need An Estate Liquidator

There are multiple instances in which you may choose to liquidate an estate. However, it can be difficult to find buyers for your items, such as collectibles, furniture and jewelry, without the help of an estate liquidator. Often, to help ensure that a liquidation can be performed quickly, a liquidator will sell the estate pieces in an auction, which not only helps expose the estate items to a large number of buyers, but it also helps ensure that you receive the highest price for the estate. Here are a few life circumstances in which you may need the help of an estate liquidator:

Moving to a Smaller Home

When you move from a large home to a smaller residence, you may choose to sell large pieces of furnishings or excess collectibles. Smaller apartments or condos may not have room for some of your possessions. By liquidating them, you can keep the value of your pieces without having to maintain them in your living space. In addition, you won’t have to be concerned about monthly storage fees.

The Death of Loved One

Ten thousand Americans reached the age of 65 today. As people progress in age, their likelihood of dying increases. When a person dies, he or she may leave behind quite a few possessions, and even if he or she leaves a will, his or her loved ones may find it difficult to distribute the items fairly. By liquidating the estate, family members of a deceased person may find it easier to give beneficiaries an equal share of the possessions. 

Debt Repayment

If you are going through a financial crisis and have a large amount of debt, you may not know where to turn for money to pay your creditors. However, you may still have valuable items that could be sold for cash. Estate liquidators, like Peachtree & Bennett, can sell portions of your estate so that you have the available financial resources you need.

Distributing a Divorce Settlement

When a couple divorces, they may have to divide the assets that they have accumulated during their marriage. This process is not always amiable, and it is sometimes best to just liquidate the assets and divide the money. 

If you need to sell items for money, estate liquidators can make the task easier. Contact estate liquidators in your area to discuss the items you would like to sell and the desired time frame for the transactions.

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