How to Determine the Value of a Diamond Ring You Are Pawning or Selling

Many people having financial difficulties resort to selling or pawning a loose diamond to get money to pay their bills and rent. The problem most people have is that they don’t always know the true values of the diamond they are pawning or selling, and they don’t know how to figure out how much they should get for it. Here is how you can find out how much a loose diamond is worth and how much you should get for it at a pawn shop.

Grading the Diamond

Diamonds are graded according to their clarity, color, cut, and carat (this is called the 4 Cs in the diamond industry). The better the quality of these four things, the more the ring will be worth.

Quality diamond rings usually come with a letter certifying the grade-level the diamond was assessed. However, if the letter was lost (and you don’t know or remember the grade given to the diamond), you’ll will have to have someone reassess the ring.

To reassess the ring, you should take it to a gem lab or a reputable diamond dealer (do not use the person you are selling or pawning the ring to assess the value – they could try to deceive you), to have them look at the ring and give you its grade. You typically have to pay a fee for this service (which can be hard when you are having cash flow problems), but it will be money well spent if you were to end up selling the ring for a lot less than it was worth.

Once you know the grade of the diamond, you can look up what its general worth is going to be.

Determining the Diamond’s Value

There are numerous sites online that you can use to match the quality of the diamond to current market prices. You should look at a couple of these sites to get their suggested value (market prices fluctuate and so does the value of your diamond). Take the average of the prices you get to determine how much your diamond is worth.

Resell Value

A pawn shop will not give you full market value for your diamond. If they did, there would be no room for them earning a profit when if and when they resell it.

A pawn shop will only offer you a portion of the retail value of the diamond, and they will generally pay you less than the wholesale price they pay their suppliers. You should plan on getting on less than half the value if you sell it, and even less than that if you pawn it.

To sell your diamond, visit stores like West Covina Pawn.

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Storefront Sign Questions Every Home-Based Entrepreneur Wants To Know

When you are just starting out with a small business, it is only logical to operate out of your own home until profits allow for you to move to a business location elsewhere. However, when the worlds of business and residency collide, there can be some special considerations that come into the picture, especially when it comes to signage. Here are a few of the most common questions about storefront signs and home-based businesses and the answers you will definitely want to know the answers to. 

Can you have an illuminated sign on your home business?

This can depend on where you live. However, you should know that there are many places that will not allow any type of lighted signs in residential areas, whether it is a simple open/closed sign or otherwise. These signs are sometimes considered too commercial and a distraction to neighbors and drivers nearby. Before you go out and pick a storefront sign that is made from neon lights and has all of the bells and whistles, make sure you know the restrictions in place in your neighborhood. 

Is it true that you can be fined for some types of signs at home?

If you do not follow zoning restrictions and rules with your home-based business, you definitely can be fined. You can also be forced to take signs down if they do not comply with local regulations and your business may suffer. In most cases, the first offense will only land you a warning to get rid of a sign that is restricted, but if you are cited beyond that, you could be in a lot more trouble. 

Where can you find out information about what types of signs you are allowed to post?

Each city has its own set of restrictions on home-based businesses on residential properties, and as a home-based entrepreneur, it will be your responsibility to get the facts. You can usually get information from the local department of highways, city council, or zoning office. Before you post signs in some areas, you will actually have to pay for a sign permit, which involves a fee and an application. 

You may need a sign to let people know things about your home-based business, but you do have to be careful about storefront signs that you choose to use. It is always better if you take the time to find out about local restrictions right from the start. Contact a sign company like Apogee Signs for more information.

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Invest In Your Interest: Purchase Silver By Your Investment Personality

While investments are for everyone, the type of investment will depend on your personality and your financial needs. If you are looking to invest in precious metal, your choice will be likely to remain stable. However, the way that you invest in your silver and gold will depend on your investment personality and circumstances. Consider the following methods for getting the most out of your silver and gold.

Closeted investor: Silver certificates

As far as investing goes, you keep yourself, your portfolio, and your investments low key. If you love no-nonsense investments that are easy to keep, silver certificates are there for you. A silver certificate certifies that you have ownership of a certain amount of silver; however, the actual silver is not kept in your possession. In most cases, the silver is being kept in a vault by a financial or banking institution. If you are interested in silver certificates go with an institution that this 100% verifiable and trustworthy and not just a collector’s item.

A traditional collector: Silver coins and bullion

Silver coins are relatively easy to find, and the best thing about coins is that silver coin prices are easy to find each day. Study the silver market for a little while, then pounce when silver coin prices are lower per troy ounce than usual. Silver coins can be collected and placed inside of your home, or can be kept safe in a vault. Make sure you take photos and keep any serial numbers of any coins in the event of a theft.

The seeing is believing financier: Silver bars

If you lean against stocks and bonds and towards real estate and businesses, owning silver bars is for you. You can hold a silver bar in your hand and feel the weight of the metal. Silver bars can come in 100 ounces up to 1000 ounce bars. Depending on the amount of your investment you can choose to mix and match the bar ounces. Silver bars must be kept safe in place, like a vault, as they will be expensive and need proper insurance.

The general doubter: Silver jewelry

If you doubt that you have the money or knowledge to invest in silver, a simple way to get started is in silver jewelry. If you purchase silver that is at least .925 silver in the form of rings, necklaces, and other jeweled pieces, you can keep these around to sell as investments. If you decide later, you have the option to melt the silver jewelry down and create a silver bar of your own.

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Learn To Meet Your Business’s Printing Needs More Efficiently

Most businesses operate in a document driven world. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending out invoices or preparing contracts for new clients; documents play an integral part in your day-to-day transactions. Generating these documents shouldn’t come with a high cost. However, when you aren’t printing documents with efficiency in mind, the cost of your printing needs could soar. If you’re a business owner, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different ways you can print with efficiency in mind.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Printing costs don’t just include the cost of paper and toner. The cost of printing also involves energy usage. For this reason, you should consider upgrading to energy efficient printer equipment. One of the unique features about this type of printing equipment is its delayed printing feature. Traditional printers are designed to power on and generate documents each time the print button is pressed, but energy efficient models allow employees to set priority levels by which documents are to be printed. High priority documents are printed immediately. Lower priority level documents are printed at a specified time, such as once an hour.

This type of feature saves on energy consumption because it prevents your printer from continuously powering on and off all day and prints most of your documents in bulk.

Controlled Printing Quotas

Establish a controlled printing quota for each employee. This is a system that sets a limit on the number of printed documents an employee can produce within a specific period of time, such as a day or a month. You can establish these quotas based on the role of the employee. The higher their need to generate documents, the higher their quota. The system monitors this quota by requiring each employee to use a personalized code when printing documents.

Each time an employee enters this code, the number of pages that they print will automatically count against their allocated printing quota. This type of feature can help increase efficiency because it brings a level of accountability to the printing process and reduces unnecessary printing practices.

Consider Managed Print Services

If you really want to increase printing efficiency within your office, a managed print service can assist you with accomplishing this goal. In addition to implementing more energy efficient equipment options and printing quotas, managed print services study the printing habits of your office to develop a unique system that is designed to meet your needs, while trimming your costs. Talk to a managed print services company, such as Des Plaines Office Equipment Company, to discuss the possibilities.

More efficient printing practices allow you to complete all your business’s transactions while also preserving your energy and money, which is the ultimate goal.  

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At-Home Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Has your dog accidentally used your carpet floors as a bathroom? If so, making sure this mess is taken care of immediately is critical, as you want to avoid any stains from settling in and prevent your carpet from developing a horrible odor. If a professional carpet cleaning service is out of your budget, you may find it much easier to utilize at-home carpet cleaning methods, such as:

White Vinegar Solutions:

White vinegar is a great cleaning solution. Not only does it kill bacteria, mold, and germs, but it also eliminates odor. Urine accidents from dogs can definitely leave a strong odor, which is why using this solution is a great at-home remedy to ensuring that the accident on your carpet doesn’t ruin your carpet and doesn’t impact the smell of your home. Another benefit to using this solution is that it is eco-friendly, baby safe, and pet safe, which means you don’t have to worry about your young children or pets getting sick if they become exposed to the clean up area.

Dishwashing Soap:

Using dish soap is a great at-home method, as the oil in dish soap helps break down particles and kill off bacteria, as well as odors. Not only will dish soap help remove stains and prevent odors, but it will allow you to mask the odor that does get left behind on your carpet. This will allow your carpet to continue to look new and smell new, which is definitely what you’re trying to achieve when cleaning your carpet after a stressful pet accident.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is a helpful solution if you are worried about stains. Applying baking soda onto the accident spot and damping it with a wet towel is a great way to remove stains, as the reaction of the baking soda will help lift grime, dirt, and any lingering pet accident off from your carpet. This will ensure that stains do not set and that odor is removed completely. So, if you are worried about stains occurring, definitely be sure that you consider this method.

With these three cleaning solutions, you will be able to clean your carpet immediately after your dog’s accident, which will help keep your carpet clean and free from horrible odors and stains. They are also good for the environment, meaning that you don’t have to use unsafe chemicals. If the stains are serious and you need professional help, contact a carpet cleaning company.

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Three Tips to the Shapes and Sizes of Office Desk Drawers

It’s hard to do office work without an office desk that’s both high quality and appropriate looking in comparison to your building. Since office work tends to involve all kinds of work with small objects like staplers, paperclips, and highlighters, it’s especially important to get great office drawers. While you’re designing or choosing a desk for your office, utilize these three tips to choose the best shapes and sizes for your office desk drawers.

Consider Whether You Need to Run any Cords through Your Drawers

It’s important to remind yourself of exactly how much technology you’re planning to use on your desk before you choose it. While a single computer probably won’t put a lot of strain on space for cords, you might run into trouble if you’re also planning to store other electronic devices like printers and scanners on your desk.

If you need to run a lot of cords through the space that your office drawers occupy, you’ll either have to leave plenty of open space between each individual door or include metal clips below the drawers that have enough space to harbor cords on them.

Don’t Build Drawers So Large That Your Knees Have to Be in an Uncomfortable Position

Your desk will never be comfortable if you have to widen your knees unnaturally to make room for a large drawer. Before you finalize your desk drawer design, always consider how much legroom you need for comfort and make sure that none of the proposed drawers are too tall and too far in the front of the desk.

It also doesn’t hurt to consider how much space you’ll have if you want to move your knees around. There’s a reason that drawers are commonly short and along the extreme left and right of a desk.

If The Desk Won’t Be against a Wall, Feel Free to Use Larger Drawers

Without knowing exactly how you’ll be positioning your desk, it’s hard to design drawers that are ideal. However, if you know that your desk is going to be in the center of a room, you’ll be able to design or choose drawers that are significantly larger and more useful than normal.

Positioning is key. Once you know that the back of your desk will never be against a wall, it’s easy to design or choose large drawers that will utilize plenty of open space in the immediate rear of the desk.

You should take neither office desks nor the drawers inside them for granted. Without a lot of effort spent picking something out that’s good, you’re liable to be frustrated down the line with your desk drawers. For assistance choosing your office furniture, consult a professional.

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4 Things You Should And Shouldn’t Include On Your Resume

Your resume is one of the most important documents you can have. This piece of paper will be the difference between you being called for an interview to the job of your dreams, or being passed over for another person. It is easily one of the most important first impressions you will make pertaining to your professional career. This is why it is important that you know what you should and shouldn’t put on your resume. If you are going to be writing your resume instead of using a resume writing service, use these 4 tips. 

1. Do Include Volunteer Experience

If you have any kind of volunteer experience you should put it in the resume. If you have enough room you should even have a whole section devoted to volunteering. When a future employer sees that you take giving back to the community very seriously they will be impressed.

You can include service you did for your church, organizations, personal projects and so forth. This will make you look compassionate and more relatable in your interview.

2. Don’t Include Jobs From 10 Years Ago

As a general rule you should only list jobs that you held for the last decade. This is because in the last ten years you probably have evolved as a person, and they don’t need to see that in college you flipped burgers at a fast food restaurant.

The only exception to this is if the job that you held over a decade ago is very similar in the job you are applying for now. If the job will really help them see that you are qualified for the position, then it might be worth including it. Otherwise keep it to the more recent jobs.

3. Be Ready To Explain Gaps

You have to be honest in your resume, so if there are any times that you were not employed you will have to include that. You don’t have to put a big sign that says unemployed on your resume, but they will deduce that from the dates of the jobs you held.

This is not a problem, so long as you can explain why you weren’t employed during that time.

4. Do Include Awards

Any awards that you have been given should be included. This shows that you are liked by the people you have worked with. In addition, if you are an Eagle Scout, or have another title that you achieved from working for years through a program, you should be sure to include it. This will show you are dedicated and hardworking.

These are just a couple things you need to know about writing a resume. 

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