What To Do If You Lock Your Keys In The Car

It was bound to happen sooner or later. You always took precaution to make sure that you checked and double-checked. This time however, you were distracted. The second you shut the door, you know it. You glance back inside. There they are. You have locked your keys inside. If you have this happen to you, here are some ways to get your keys back in your possession and you back on the road.

Call Authorities

If you happen to lock your keys inside when you are in an area that you do not know anyone or that you feel unsafe, your best best is to dial 911. A police officer will come to your rescue, and may be able to open your car door for you, as well. If not, they will be able to get a tow truck operator or a locksmith to your vehicle. They will also wait with you if you are uneasy about being alone.

Call Roadside Assistance

If you happen to belong to an auto membership program that offers roadside assistance, here is where your payments will finally pay off. If you have a newer vehicle, you should have a roadside assistance program for a limited time that came with the sale of your vehicle. The information most likely will be locked in with your keys, but you might see a phone number listed on one of your windows on a decal that is adhered before selling. It is a good idea to write this information down and keep it on your person in case this happens again.

Call A Tow Truck Or Locksmith

If you can’t get free help, you will need to make a call to a service. Most tow trucks offer lock out services. Auto locksmiths are another way to get your key out of your car, fairly quickly. These services usually run 24 hours a day for people who need emergency help. For more information about auto locksmith services, contact a company like Victory Auto Lock.

In The Future

To prepare yourself for lockouts in the future, make a spare of your key and place it in a magnetic box that you can place on the undercarriage of your vehicle. If you do not feel safe doing this (as some thieves will look for this sort of thing), make sure you always have a spare in your purse or your wallet. Give a key to a trusted friend that could bail you out in case of a lockout. 

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3 Fire Safety Items Every Home Should Have

Whether you rent or own your home, you are going to want to make sure that you are purchasing the best possible fire safety. This way, not only will you be able to be quickly alerted to the fire, but you will be able to safely escape it as well. To help make that a reality, you will want to consider purchasing the following safety items.

Smoke Detectors

It is important that you have a smoke detector on every level of your home. For additional safety, you are going to want one in every bedroom. For your convenience, there are different types of smoke detectors available for you to purchase. There are battery-operated ones that operate separate from each other. Then there are the smoke detectors that are tied in to your electrical system and feed off of each other. This means that if the smoke detector in the kitchen is going off, it will automatically trigger the other smoke detectors to go off before the smoke even reaches them.

Collapsible Ladders

If you have ever found yourself worried about getting safely out of a second- or third-story window in the event of a fire that you are unable to escape any other way, you will want to invest in the collapsible ladders. These do not take up much room once they are collapsed and can be easily slide under the edge of the bed. If you have one in every bedroom, everyone should be able to make it out of their windows without harming themselves in the process.

All-Purpose Fire Extinguishers

If you have never really taken a close look at the available all-purpose fire extinguisher, you might want to do so now. When you start to look them over, you will find that there are some extinguishers that are meant specifically for grease fires, while others might be designed to be used on electrical fires. Since you are not likely going to want to run around the house looking for the specific fire extinguisher for the fire you are fighting, you will want to invest in several all-purpose ones. These extinguishers can be used on all types of fires. You will want at least one on every level of the home, with and extra one in the kitchen and garage.   

When you make sure that you are purchasing all of the previous mentioned items, like from GMW Fire Protection, you will find that you and your loved ones will be much safer in your home.

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Car Break Down? Try Out One Of These Options

Regardless of whether you have a job to go to, need to take the kids to school, do your grocery shopping or more, you need a method of transportation to get you where you need to go. As much as you might depend on your car to get you where you want to go, that isn’t always an option. If your car breaks down, you are probably wondering what options are available for you to do all of the things you are used to doing already. Consider some of the following options below to get you where you need to go when your vehicle can’t.

Ride the City Bus

Depending on where you live, you might be able to grab a ride on the city bus. They have various options available to accommodate your needs. You can buy a single use pass or purchase a weekly pass to save on costs even more. Not only is this option inexpensive, but it can get you where you need to go in town for a flat-fee every time you hop on the bus. You don’t have to worry about paying extra to go farther out in town.

Call a Taxi

When you need to go grocery shopping, you want an option that allows you to bring all of your groceries home with you without having to worry about trying to lug them around with you. With a taxi, you can put all of your groceries in the trunk just like you would your own vehicle. Regardless of whether you simply need to go a mile or two or you need to go to the other side of town, you can get where you need to go with a taxi. Rates are going to vary based on where you are going, how long the driver needs to wait and so on. Visit a website like http://www.yellowcabaz.com to find out more about how taxi services work.

Use a Ride Service

Based on where you live, there are certain areas that offer ride services. These services are essentially people just like you who offer to give you a ride using their own vehicles. It is often a flat-rate fee, but that all depends on which company is available around you. Since this is only available in certain areas, you want to check and see who offers rides for where you live.

Explore your options to get where you need to be. Just because your vehicle might be out of commission, that doesn’t mean you have to be.

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3 Ways To Market Your Business And Attract Customers

As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to build your client base and get your name out there for all to see. You want to do what it takes to advertise your company and what you have to offer clients. After all, advertising your business is the main way people are going to find you in the first place. Not sure where to start? Turn to one of these options for marketing your business and attracting customers.


If you want to stick with some of the time-honored traditions in terms of marketing, why not go with an old-time favorite in postcards? They are simple to make, and you can have them printed in bulk and save on the cost of printing your marketing materials. With postcard marketing, you can easily track the number of customers your marketing reaches by having them bring the postcard into the store to get the discount. Since everyone has to get their mail at some point, you know they are going to see your postcard in there.


Every business needs a sign to draw people in and make them want to check you out. With a giant, colorful sign customized with your name and logo, you are sure to catch the attention of anyone driving down the road or through the shopping center near you. Signs are a great way to advertise specials as well. You can easily change them up to accommodate your individual wants and needs. The possibilities are endless in what you can write on a sign, as well as the style and shape of your new marketing piece. Contact a sign company near you for more information.

Social Media Networks

With social media networks taking the world by storm, many people are turning to them as a means of advertising their business for the world to see. Since you can post as much as you want on your social media account without having to pay anything for it, this makes it a top choice for marketing professionals to attract customers and gain inbound traffic. Customers can also comment and tell you what they think about your brand, so you can improve upon your products and services with ease.

By considering the three different marketing tools above, you can determine which one is going to work the best for your business today. The main goal is to bring in more customers and increase your bottom line, so you have to figure out which one of these is going to make that happen for you.

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Paper Rules: Why You Should Make A Paper Version Of Your Ebook

If you’ve been writing ebooks and making a fairly good name for yourself, you might want to consider printing paper versions of the books. Many book printing companies can print small, on-demand-type batches if you’re not sure you want to print a lot of copies yet. While ebooks are easy to store and are usually very cheap, paper books offer some advantages that could increase your profits while making readers very happy.

Bigger Audience

The main reason for printing paper copies of your book is to increase the number of people who can read your book. Not everyone likes ebooks, and many ebook readers — the people, not the devices — still like the feel of a paper book in their hands. If you make a paper version available, you’ll suddenly have this larger pool of potential readers. Having a paper copy available is no guarantee that people will buy it, but if you don’t have a paper version available, then you guarantee these people won’t buy your book at all.

Better Reading Time

In addition to liking the feel of a paper book, many readers like the idea of having a copy that doesn’t require battery time. Ebook readers — the devices, not the people — have increased, but still limited reading time. Once the battery runs out, that’s it until the battery is recharged. There’s no worry about batteries failing with a paper book. So, if people really like your book, they might want a paper copy so they can read it whenever they want, regardless of power status.

Better Layout Control

Paper versions of a book also allow the author to have more control over the layout and how things appear on the page. Once it’s printed, a page isn’t going to change. But with ebooks, text and graphics can move around depending on how the person using the reader has configured the device. Larger print, for example, can cause pictures to move to the next screen/page. A large-print paper book, though, can be designed so that the text continues to wind around the picture.

Better Chance of Bigger Profits

And don’t forget the price: prices for paper books are expected to be higher than prices for ebooks. You’ve got the potential to make more profits that way. It will be tempered by possibly lower numbers of sales as other people still go for the ebook version, but the possibility of making more money does exist.

Do be aware that some ebook seller platforms will give readers a free copy of the ebook if they buy a paper version. Not all sellers do this, but it is something you should check out before assuming anything about how your sales will go in the future.

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Tips For Decorating With A Vintage Style

Do you enjoy hunting though thrift stores and antique markets for unique finds? If so, you likely want to display your vintage pieces without looking like your living room is a flea market. Decorating with vintage style involves adding cohesion to your décor either with themes or neutral bases.

Cape Cod Retreat

Whether you live by the sea or nowhere near water, create that relaxed vibe with Cape Cod-inspired décor. Better Homes and Gardens suggests starting with a palette of white, silver and two shades of blue. Search out thrift store finds such as blue glass and chandelier lighting.

The Cape Cod retreat is the perfect décor for displaying your antique furniture, regardless of its original style. Have it restored with white upholstery and dark wood finish.  This provides the backdrop for the blue and teal accents.

Beach Cottage Décor

What colors do you imagine when you think of the beach? Whether you’re envisioning shades of blues and greens or pastel pink and peach, utilize this palette in your living room.  Furniture should be made over to channel white wicker, so have wood pieces refinished through specialty furniture restoration to resemble driftwood with colorful accenting.

If possible, seek out a vintage cottage piece such as a wicker chair or even ship barrel, and have it restored to match your color palette. Add other whimsical beach pieces such as decorative shells and starfish, vintage chests and an area rug with a beach towel vibe.

Safari Style

Safari décor allows you to walk on the wild side. Including an animal print is de rigeur, but this can be accomplished with a single tiger-print loveseat, a clutch of leopard-print pillows or a sofa upholstered in understated zebra print.

Set off your safari statement pieces with dark wood. For instance, if you’re planning on having an antique loveseat re-upholstered with tiger print, ask that the wood be stained dark. Alternatively, have you vintage pieces upholstered in neutral cream colors with the dark accenting. The dark color of the wood sets off the safari print while still keeping the overall look subtle.

Specialty Finds

Sometimes you don’t have a theme in mind. Perhaps you’ve found a vintage étagère, a storage chest, an antique chandelier or a charming cabinet. Decorate around these finds, but keep the living room design cohesive with a neutral background, scaled dimensions and a complementary color palette.

If you’re highlighting your vintage furniture, start with neutral-colored walls and flooring. Next, select an overall color scheme of two or three dominant colors, and have antique finds restored with this palette in mind. Finally, arrange your pieces according to the dimensions of your space. For example, if you have vaulted ceilings, place large decorations on top of tall furniture, such as an oversized painting atop a vintage hutch.

Display your vintage finds in your living room while maintaining a cohesive design. Select which antique items need refinishing and reupholstering, then talk to your local restoration specialists about your decorating ideas.

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Staying Safe With Self Storage

Your self storage unit is designed to keep your personal possessions safe and secure. But to make sure both you and your belongings stay safe, keep the following tips in mind.

Align the Boxes

Make sure that when you or your movers pack your self storage unit, that it’s not done in a haphazard manner. Boxes that are unevenly stacked can easily tip over, possibly breaking the contents, or harming you when you’re visiting your unit looking for something. Always store heavier boxes on the bottom, and lighter boxes on top. Try to keep same-sized boxes together so you don’t have a larger box balanced precariously on top of a small box.

Bring a Flashlight

Whenever you visit your unit, bring a flashlight. Though the parking lot or hallways will be lit, that light might not shine into the unit itself. The more light you have, the less likely you’ll be to lose your footing. Better yet, keep a camping lantern or flashlight inside the unit for use when you visit, so you don’t have to remember to bring one each time.

Bring Your Cellphone

Don’t leave your cellphone in the car when you’re visiting your unit. Keep it in your pocket while you sort through your things, not leaving in the hallway outside your unit. If something happens and you need to call for help, your cell phone will be at your fingertips.

Bring a Buddy

If you’re visiting your unit after office hours or after dark, consider bringing a friend with you. Most self storage unit companies have security in place, but it doesn’t hurt to have a buddy with you, especially if your unit is accessed from the outside, instead of inside a locked building.

Use Natural Pest Control

If you have reason to believe insects might be able to get into your unit, for instance if the access door is exposed to the outside, you’ll want to use natural pest control. Don’t let off a bug bomb unless circumstances are dire, or the entire contents of your unit will stink for a long time. Instead, opt for a natural solution such as lavender to ward off moths and boric acid to dispel ants and cockroaches. These things are harmless to you and your possessions but repellant to various critters and insects.

Having a self storage unit, one like Pearl Street Self Storage, is like having a bank security box for your larger belongings; everything will be safer with a little help from you. 

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